Towards a Good Life

Rowan berries and leaves against a blue sky A self help resource and toolkit to support wellbeing within communities

What is Towards a Good Life?

Towards a Good Life is a self help resource and toolkit which has been designed to enable individuals and community groups to identify what contributes to quality of life in their communities.

The resource can also help you identify the issues that affect quality of life in your community, to explore changes that might be needed, and to recommend or make the changes that might help improve quality of life.

Towards a Good Life comprises a downloadable booklet and a set of accompanying resources to help you to use the resource in your own communities. The resource is free of charge and can be reproduced by individuals or groups.


How can Towards a Good Life help?

  1. Towards A Good Life provides a structured set of resources, developed from research, that can enable you to hold structured conversations. These conversations will help you explore the issues people in your communities feel are important to their quality of life. It can help you to identify what aspects of your community people are most or least satisfied with, and what areas might need to change.
  2. The resources provided will enable you to identify the specific changes you might want to make, or activities you might want to introduce, in order to improve quality of life in your community.
  3. Towards a Good can also help you to generate evidence to show whether your changes have had an effect on quality of life, and to identify what resources you might need to expand these activities or make further changes.
How to use

Who might use Towards a Good Life?

The resource is a freely available self help tool that can you can use autonomously, with no training necessary. Towards a Good Life is flexible and can be used by both individuals, community groups and organisations. See some of the suggested use cases below.

  • Community Groups
    To identify the issues that contribute to quality of life in their areas.
  • Third Sector, public or private organisations
    To highlight the issues faced within localities, helping them engage with their wider communities.
  • Individuals
    To think about what contributes to their quality of life, and identify any changes they would like to make.