How to use Towards a Good Life

Towards a Good Life comprises a booklet and series of supporting resources which you can follow step by step in order to identify and track the issues that are important in affecting quality of life in your community.

Individuals and groups completing the exercises will be left with a clear colour-coded chart that indicates levels of satisfaction and importance of key themes, such as housing, or travel in their communities.

After determining which themes are most important to you, your group or your organisation, you might then want to introduce new activities or services. Towards a Good Life will help you to do this by helping you to develop an Action Plan. The Action Plan can be used to introduce, prioritise or improve activities you feel would help people in your community to live a good life.

By generating a chart before, during and after you implement your Action Plan you can also use the resource to track the impact of your proposed changes on quality of life. Once your activity is completed, you can then use the resource to identify its outcomes.

Towards a Good Life can also be used to gather evidence about the short, medium and long term outcomes of your activities. Simply create a fresh chart when you want to generate further evidence to support your activities.

This video demonstrates how you can use the Towards a Good Life Resource.