Further Resources

Here are the resources you need to use the A Good Life tool in your organisation, community or group.

Our 'Towards a Good Life' downloadable pdf booklet contains background, instructions and all the supporting information you will need to use the resource. We have also created a series of PDF downloads to help you use the resource. You are free to reproduce these as you see fit. These download links will open in a new tab.

  1. Towards a Good Life booklet PDF 1.2MB
  2. Flashcards PDF 302KB
  3. Measuring Satisfaction Scorecard PDF 106KB
  4. Measuring Importance Scorecard PDF 69KB
  5. Blank A Good Life Chart PDF 30KB
  6. Blank Action Plan Template PDF 83KB

When completing the resource, you might find information from the following groups and organisations useful. These organisations may also be able to provide resources to help you when making changes to your community or group, or may possess links or resources that might be useful when developing your Action Plan. These links will open in a new tab.